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Date of System Certification (3-30-18)

For purposes of determining the date of system certification, the WSU Energy Program will use the date of final electrical inspection as the date of certification, provided an application for certification is submitted within 30 days of the final electrical inspection.

Orcas Power and Light Company (3-30-18)

Because of the high level of interest in the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program in the Orcas Power and Light Company (OPALCO) service territory, the availability of incentive funds for renewable energy systems is virtually exhausted. The WSU Energy Program will process only those applications for projects in OPALCO’s service territory that were submitted on or before Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

The annual cap for the program in the OPALCO service territory is $289,577.13. The WSU Energy Program cannot approve applications in one year that will cause the cap to be exceeded in a subsequent year. We will review incentive payment obligations each fiscal year.

Applications submitted after Wednesday, March 28, 2018, will be queued in a “suspended – pending funding” status. If funding becomes available, we will process applications based on their date of submission to the WSU Energy Program.

Policy statement: Can total system price include battery storage?

As established in ESSB 5939, Washington’s Renewable Energy System Incentive Program sets out to expand the generation of grid-connected, distributed energy in a fair and equitable manner that encourages broad participation and adheres to the incentive limit of $110 million. Upon review of the legislation, the WSU Energy Program has made a preliminary determination that only the equipment that is necessary and integral to the generation of electricity in a grid-connected renewable energy system can be included in the total system price. Because our emergency rule did not explicitly address this issue, we have approved a small number of applications that include storage and extra equipment in the total system price. The final rule will speak directly to energy storage systems.