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Plant Operations Support Consortium

Menu of Services

We accomplish our goal and support our vision by providing: 

Energy Advisory Services

  • Energy research and answers to queries
  • Energy audits and assessments
  • Energy data tracking and interpretation
  • Grant locating and writing support

Facility Management Assistance

  • Strategic planning
  • Condition assessments
  • Consultant selection and procurement assistance
  • Review of design options and alternatives
  • Construction management

Leadership Development and Education

  • Listserv posting several times a week
  • Reduced rate to our annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference
  • Quarterly Shop Talk newsletter
  • Webinars with experts in facilities management

Custodial Operations Support

  • Effectiveness and comprehensive custodial assessments
  • Staff training
  • Work loading and job card development
  • Custodial research and consultations

Technical Assistance and Consultation

  • Research
  • Referrals
  • Surveys
  • Recommendations

No-Fault Effectiveness Assessments

  • Facility maintenance and operations
  • Security
  • Staffing surveys
  • Equipment and preventive maintenance plans

Equipment Brokering and Locating

Other Support as Requested