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Welcome to the Plant Operations Support Consortium's custodial blog, the hub of all things custodial including online tools, articles, updates of what's happening in the world of custodial, and much more. Contact the Custodial Programs Coordinator with questions about any of the content below, or learn more about the Consortium's custodial services.


Taste with your feet?


Are substances on the skin absorbed into the human body?
Try this experiment: Cut a clove of garlic in half. In the morning, rub each half on the bottom of your bare feet. Then continue to get dressed. Within 24 hours you will taste the garlic in your mouth.

Chemicals and substances CAN be absorbed into our systems! The importance of safety while using chemicals, especially cleaning chemicals, cannot be overstated.  Use gloves to protect our hands while working with cleaning chemicals and then wash hands thoroughly as an extra precaution. 

Most of us do not walk barefoot on our workplace floors, but many of us do at home. When cleaning carpets, look for environmentally-safe carpet cleaning methods without soaps and detergents.  There are several formulations that deploy natural degreasers and a detergent-free booster. Not only will this help protect you and your family from absorbing harmful substances from the cleaners, it will prevent sticky residues that can cause rapid re-soiling and particle load. Carpets will last longer and dry more quickly, too.