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ISSA Clean Standard for K-12 Schools Announcement


Announcement from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) regarding the long-awaited Clean Standard for K-12 Schools. Also, details on a free webinar.

The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) recently released the long-awaited ISSA Clean Standard: K-12.  Although the Clean Standard is intended for use by K-12 schools to promote a cleaner and healthier indoor environment to benefit children's learning experiences, it is an excellent tool that can be adapted by non-school facilities as well. ISSA has dedicated much time to developing this standard because they understand the importance of promoting clean, healthy indoor environments in schools. KUDOS to all involved!

“The Clean Standard: K-12 is a wonderful sales tool that will help differentiate our products and processes in a credible and objective manner based on their superior cleaning effectiveness,” Jon Scoles, President, Scoles Floorshine Industries.

The ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 establishes steps for objectively assessing the effectiveness of cleaning processes in an educational facility. Additional versions will be available in 2014 for other facility types.

Based on the philosophy “Clean, Measure, Monitor” and emphasizing on high-performance cleaning, the Clean Standard: K-12 focuses on:

  • Desired levels of cleanliness that can be achieved,
  • Monitoring and inspection procedures to measure effectiveness, and 
  • How to use the results to assess and improve processes and products.

ISSA also offers free “how-to” guides and audit forms to help implement the recommended steps to measure, monitor, and adjust cleaning processes for increased effectiveness.

Download the standard and free tools at