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Challenges of Energy Accounting

The quality and completeness of state agencies’ energy use data in PM is not as good as it should be for a number of reasons:

  • Budget cuts limit staff and resources that can be reasonably made available to compile, submit, analyze energy use data; recent state budget cuts in response to the Covid 19 virus’ impact on the economy may exacerbate this
  • Many buildings lack utility meters, so energy use can only be prorated among a set of buildings on a campus based on square footage. This can be quite inaccurate due to variations in energy use intensity of the buildings (e.g. a warehouse versus a data center or medical center). OFM estimates that in 2017 80% of 26.1 million square-feet of agency owned buildings are on campuses lacking individual meters on most of the buildings
  • Many agencies have not input sufficient building data (such as occupancy, schedule, and number of computers for each building) that is required for the calculation of ENERGY STAR scores
  • Some utilities are less willing and able to provide energy use data in a useful form
  • Some buildings are served by district steam systems that are not metered