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The WSU Energy Program offers training on the following topics. 

Training Schedules

Residential Energy Code Compliance

The 2018 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) will be in effect throughout the state on July 1st 2020. WSU Energy Program will provide a seminar that will focus on current 2015 and commonly misunderstood requirements. An overview of WSEC 2018 proposed changes to the energy code will also be presented and discussed. This course is ideal for building department staff, builders, sub-contractors, architects, and any other building industry professionals wishing to gain a proficient understanding of this code.

Fee: Classes are free and class size varies by location.

Instructor: Michael Lubliner, 360-956-2082

Scheduled classes: None

Duct Testing

This training on duct testing protocols is due to a code requirement in the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) that requires mandatory duct testing if HVAC ducts are located outside of the conditioned space.

Attendees receive a certificate documenting completion of the minimum requirement to test ducts for 2015 WSEC compliance. The training does not certify individuals to test ducts for the Northwest ENERGY STAR Program or Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS). Technicians who can verify that they have successfully completed duct testing training provided by the Northwest ENERGY STAR Program or from PTCS are not required to take this course.

Industry professionals involved in duct installation and code officials directly affected by this code requirement are encouraged to attend.

In a three to four hour classroom session, attendees learn the testing standard and how to operate the testing equipment.

Fee: Classes are free and class size varies by location.

Scheduled classes: None

Air Sealing

Best Practices and Code Compliance

This course provides the fundamentals of building science and the impact of air leakage on energy loss, building pressure, and the importance of mechanical ventilation. This course will help designers and builders understand methods to air seal homes in order to pass the mandatory air leakage testing requirements of the WSEC. Participants gain an understanding of prescriptive air sealing requirements, air barrier and leakage testing protocols and requirements, and best practices for selecting and installing mechanical ventilation systems. Measures to improve indoor air quality are also covered.

Fee: Classes are free and class size varies by location.

Scheduled classes: None

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (VIAQ)

VIAQ Training - The Washington VIAQ Code was previously a stand-alone code in Washington. As of July 2010, the VIAQ Code is gone; however, the requirements are still in place. These requirements can be found throughout the state amendments to the IRC, IBC, and IMC. In this seminar, participants will gain an understanding of state VIAQ requirements in new and existing construction, and building science and healthy indoor air quality fundamentals.

Fee: Classes are free and class size varies by location.

Scheduled classes: None


We offer training to become certified professionals such as ENERGY STAR, Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS), and Home Energy Rater (HERS).

Instructor: David Hales

Scheduled classes: None

Industrial Trainings

We offer various industrial equipment training and coordinate with regional training providers. Contact the industrial team for more information or to be added to the industrial training mailing list.

Plant Operator: One-day, end-user efficiency trainings are offered in collaboration with other regional service providers. Topics include improving the energy efficiency of industrial systems such as motors, pumps, process heating, compressed air, steam ,and refrigeration.

Custom Industrial: We coordinate on-site and specialized training services.

DOE Qualified Specialist: We coordinate training of specialists who wish to be certified by the U.S. DOE to help industrial facilities identify ways to improve system efficiency. Trainings focus on Best Practices software tools for systems such as compressed air, fans, process heating, pumping, and steam. The DOE Training Calendar includes training in all states.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance: See the NEEA Event Calendar.