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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Initial market assessment for small-scale biomass-based CHP
Primary Authors: Brown,Elizabeth S.;Mann,Margaret K.;National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S.)
Published: 2008, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colo.
Abstract: The current focus on liquid biofuel production has lessened attention on biomass for heat and electricity production, including biomass combined heat and power (CHP). The purpose of this white paper is to reexamine the energy generation market opportunities for biomass CHP applications smaller than 20 MW. Using relevant literature and expert opinion, this paper provides an overview of the benefits of and challenges for biomass CHP in terms of policy and economic drivers, and identifies the primary characteristics of potential markets. The paper does not quantify the market size, although possible analytic projects to identify market size are suggested for future analyses.
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Ag Matters Catalog ID: 92