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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Biofuels, food, or wildlife?
Primary Authors: Avery,Dennis T.;Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Published: 2006, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.
Abstract: The high price of fossil fuels, environmental concerns, and geopolitical instability in some major oil-producing nations have spurred intense interest in the United States in alternative fuels, especially from renewable energy sources. While popular with environmental activists, wind and solar power, because of their costs and unreliability, are not expected to grow significantly, even with massive subsidies. Nuclear power is still viewed with suspicion, even though other countries, including France, supply a majority of their energy needs from nuclear plants. Crop-based fuel production, especially corn ethanol, has been the main focus of interest, with government subsidies and mandates stimulating demand.á Cellulosic ethanol produced from crop wastes has been heralded as the alternative fuel of the future, but it is yet to be produced in other than experimental production facilities.á More recently, BrazilÆs example of producing ethanol from sugar cane has been presented as a model for the United States to follow.
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Tags: energy generation
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