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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Electrical Energy Efficiency and Emerging Technologies in Northwest Agriculture
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Published: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, 2011
Abstract: The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) funded this report to gather key market intelligence to support its agricultural energy efficiency and market transformation goals. The goals of the report were to: Describe NEEA’s definition of agriculture and compare it to those of other entities Describe electrical energy use and other characteristics of the Northwest agricultural market, and how these features can inform regional energy efficiency strategies and initiative design Identify and describe the best technologies (defined by NEEA as products, services, or best practices) to improve electrical energy efficiency in Northwest agriculture Determine the electrical energy savings potential in the Northwest by state (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington) for these technologies Recommend additional emerging technologies for further study Research and describe the key trends in Northwest agriculture relevant to energy efficiency and market transformation Conduct interviews of producers (growers) and utility managers to gather first-hand information on a number of topics, including ideas for emerging technologies, barriers and motivators to implementation, and opinions of and ideas for improving utility programs
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Tags: energy efficiency
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