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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Growing Plants for Fuel: Predicting Effects on Water, Soil, and the Atmosphere
Primary Authors: Robertson, G. Philip; Hamilton, Stephen K.; Del Grosso, Stephen J.; Parton, William J.
Published: 2010, Ecological Society of America
Abstract: In this issue the authors look at two types of “bioenergy landscapes”—one agricultural system based on grains and the other on cellulose—and review what is known about their biogeochemical impacts—the effects on biological, chemical, physical, and geological processes in the natural environment. Evaluating the costs and benefits of particular cropping systems requires looking at more than just the type of plant that is grown. Questions considered include: What are the tradeoffs to society and the environment? How will production affect the ability of the ecosystem to filter water, control runoff and drainage, and provide other “ecosystem services” such as pest protection and climate stabilization? What is the land currently being used for? Will only one type of crop be grown, or will different crops be rotated and how often? Does the production involve tilling the soil?
Tags: energy generation
Ag Matters Catalog ID: 428