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Reference Type: Conference Proceedings
Title: Determining the Optimum Solar Water Pumping System for Domestic Use, Livestock Watering or Irrigation
Primary Authors: Vick, Brian D.; Clark, R. Nolan
Published: 2009, American Solar Energy Society
Abstract: For several years we have field tested many different types of solar powered water pumping systems. In this paper, several steps are given to select a solar-PV water pumping system. The steps for selection of stand-alone water pumping system were: deciding whether a wind or solar water pumping system would be best, determining the type of PV module, how controller can affect the decision, selecting pump type (diaphragm, piston, helical, or centrifugal), and analyzing the monthly water demand requirement. Three case studies are also included to demonstrate how to determine PV array size, motor/pump rated power, and type of pump.
Tags: energy generation
Ag Matters Catalog ID: 426