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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Energy efficient fans for swine production
Primary Authors: Harmon, Jay
Published: 2010, Iowa State University Extension
Abstract: Fans are an important component of mechanically ventilated facilities. They are the driving force behind the exchange of air that is necessary to create a healthy environment for animals and associated farm employees. Other components of the ventilation system, such as the inlets and controllers, are essential to create a properly functioning system which is also energy efficient. Fans impact energy usage in two different ways. They not only use energy to operate, but the management of fans greatly impacts the efficiency of the heating energy used within the building. Fan management is crucial in winter because over-ventilating exhausts heating energy needlessly. Swine housing systems often use variable speed fans which generally use the same amount of energy at a reduced speed as they do at full speed.
Tags: energy efficiency
Ag Matters Catalog ID: 425