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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Energy Self Assessment - Dairy Self Assessment Tool
Primary Authors: United States Department of Agriculture- National Resources Conservation Service
Abstract: The Dairy Energy Self Assessment Tool is designed to first estimate your current energy costs for different equipment and operations and then estimate the potential energy and cost savings if high efficiency equipment was used. This will help you determine economical energy savings opportunities for your dairy farm. This assessment tool will calculate the potential energy savings for scroll refrigeration compressors, refrigeration heat recovery, well-water cooled precoolers (heat exchangers), variable-speed milk pumps, and variable-speed vacuum pumps. Feeding and manure equipment are not included because, despite having larger motors, they typically only consume 7% of the total electrical energy used on a dairy and there are not any economically feasible alternatives at this time.
Tags: energy efficiency tool
Ag Matters Catalog ID: 27