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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Planning farm shops for work and energy efficiency
Primary Authors: Friday,William H.
Published: 1980, Purdue University, Cooperative Extension Service, West Lafayette, IN
Abstract: An energy-efficient machinery maintenance shop is a necessity on the modern farm. It provides a place for the daily servicing and periodic repair and overhaul of machinery, for initial assembly of equipment, and for the modification of equipment to fit specific farming needs. A well-planned, well-equipped shop encourages a farmer to practice on-going preventive maintenance on his equipment, which not only extends its useful life, but also reduces the chances of costly downtime during field operations. The farm shop also serves as a place for repairing or modifying the equipment needed in livestock operations, and for working on the family car, farm trucks, recreation vehicle or even hobby projects. The purpose of this publication is to present guidelines for locating, laying out, constructing, environmentally-controlling and equipping a farm shop. Hopefully, the result will be an efficient, properly-sized shop providing safe as well as comfortable working conditions to meet your family and farm enterprise needs for years to come.
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Tags: energy efficiency
Ag Matters Catalog ID: 117