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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: CO2 sources for microalgae-based liquid fuel production
Primary Authors: Feinberg,D.;Karpuk,M. E.;Solar Energy Research Institute.
Published: 1990, Solar Energy Research Institute, Golden, Colo.
Abstract: Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the SERI Aquatic Species Program is developing microalgal species and culture technologies that result in microalgal cells with a high percentage of lipids. Lipids can be extracted and converted to a diesel fuel substitute. Optimal microalgae growth occurs in a CO2 saturated solution. If these research efforts are successful, large quantities of low-cost CO2 will be needed. The purpose of this study is to identify possible CO2 sources for microalgae-based fuel production and quantify the amounts available and possible costs. Because large quantities of CO2 will be needed over the next 25-50 years for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), we have made extensive use of many studies and projections developed by those involved in EaR; we acknowledge the value and usefulness of their efforts. Because of the early stage of development of the microalgae-based fuel production technology, and the current plentiful supplies of gaseous and liquid fossil fuels, 2010 was chosen as the earliest date that CO2 for microalgae-based fuel production would be needed.
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Tags: energy generation
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