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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: The prospects for an electrical generation and transmission cooperative fueled by straw produced in eastern Washington
Primary Authors: Duft,Kenneth D.;Pray,Judson;Washington State University. Cooperative Extension.;Washington State Library. Electronic State Publications.
Published: 2002, Washington State University Cooperative Extension, [Pullman, Wash.]
Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the economic prospects of operating a cooperatively-owned electrical generating and transmission facility fueled by straw produced in eastern Washington. Beyond the generally understood parameters of a cooperatively-owned enterprise, this study attempts to address several related economic feasibility issues. For example, the total availability of straw first had to be determined. Second, the total cost of producing, harvesting, transporting and storing fuel (straw) was estimated. Next, we sought to determine the most cost-effective means (from among those available) for harvesting, transporting, and storing the straw. Fourth, we attempted to determine the costs to construct, operate, own, and manage a straw-fired electrical power generating facility. Next, an assessment was made as to the profitability and competitive performance of such a facility within electrical rate schedules currently in place throughout the region. Finally, we sought to entertain additional secondary benefits which might contribute to, or accrue from, such a prospective project.
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Tags: energy generation
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