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Reference Type: Electronic Resource
Title: Development of a Small Scale BIGGT Power Plant
Primary Authors: Craig, Joe D.; CRATECH INC TAHOKA TX.
Published: 1994, Defense Technical Information Center, Ft. Belvoir
Abstract: Cratech, Inc. is progressing on a 3-phase plan to develop a one ton per hour (tph) biomass-fueled integrated-gasifier gas turbine (BIGGT) power plant. The goal is to develop economical, small scale (1-20 MWe) power plants for entities worldwide that desire to use a variety of biomass resources for fuel including those with high ash content and prone to slagging. Phase I has been successfully completed. Phase I included design, fabrication and operation of a 0.5 tph air-blown pressurized fluidized bed gasification unit complete with a hot gas cleanup system. The unit was fueled with cotton gin trash (CGT), a biomass resource that is high in ash and very prone to slagging. The system demonstrated production of a gas from CGT that can be maintained at a minimum chemical heating value of 130 BTU/SCF, at an outlet temperature of 1265 +/- 15 deg F with a maximum particle content of 6.4 ppmw of 2.8 microns maximum particle size.
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Tags: energy generation
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