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MotorMaster+ 4.0

MotorMaster+ 4.0 for Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) Member Utility Customers

This version of MotorMaster+ has been customized for customers of SMMPA member utilities. It contains the minimum full-load qualifying efficiencies and incentives for their Member Utility Premium Efficiency and Enhanced Premium Efficiency motor rebate programs. Rebates vary by motor horsepower rating and enclosure type with the incentive amount dependent upon whether a "New" motor is being purchased, a working or operable motor is being changed out, or a failed motor is being retired and replaced with a Premium or Enhanced Premium Efficiency motor model. Incentives are also available for qualifying motors that will be held in the in-plant spares inventory.

This customized version of MotorMaster+ also contains commercial and industrial rate schedule information for Member Utility customers. To identify motors that qualify for your utility's rebate, go into the "List" module, and select your serving utility name in the "Utility Rebate Schedule" select box. To determine the energy, dollar savings, and cost-effectiveness due to selecting and operating a Premium or Enhanced Premium Efficiency motor, go to the Compare module, and click on the button on the upper left corner of the screen to select the "New", "Rewind", or "Replace Existing" motor scenario. Then select the appropriate utility rebate schedule and rate schedule at the Utility and Rate Schedule boxes (Choices appear as "Austin New/Replace Failed Motor", "Austin Replace Working Motor, and "Austin Purchase Inventory Motor"). Utility energy prices and demand charges will automatically be entered into your analysis as well as the utility incentive.

Qualifying motors may be selected by clicking on the Catalog box, then double clicking on the motor of interest. Note that the motors that qualify for a rebate incentive are listed above the utility rebate standard bar. Enter descriptive information for the motor of interest including annual operating hours, motor load, and the list price discount (or actual price quote) offered by your motor distributor. Click on the Savings button at the top of the screen to view results, and then click on the Printer icon to print your report.

MotorMaster+4.0 will not work with 64bit computers.  When installing over a previous version please choose the "Repair" option.