Renewable Energy System Incentive Program

The Renewable Energy Incentive Program (RESIP) is still an active program, however, it is fully subscribed and no longer taking new applicants. Due to the popularity of RESIP, this program ended June 30, 2021 and the Washington State Legislature has not authorized additional funding at this time.

System Additions

Adding solar PV capacity to an existing certified system is allowed. However, depending on how the addition is metered, the following will apply:

  1. Adding capacity outside of the existing certified renewable energy system’s production meter – the existing system’s incentive rate and program term are preserved.
  2. Adding capacity through the existing certified renewable energy system’s production meter – there can be potential delays in annual incentive review and payment. The existing incentive rate and program term may be affected (i.e., if the system’s capacity now exceeds 12kW, a Commercial-scale rate will apply).


If you are a homeowner selling your residence with solar PV, be sure to provide a good forwarding address to your utility company – in case you have any final incentive payment coming.

If you are purchasing a home with solar PV, check with your utility to see if the system is certified and in a current incentive program. Or, you may contact the WSU Energy Program.

Contact Us

For additional questions, you are invited to contact the WSU Energy Program at or 360-956-2200.