Plant Operations Support Consortium

Video Trainings and Webinars

Your Consortium team develops webinars and videos that provide a convenient way to learn about facility issues. If you have suggestions for online training topics, contact the Consortium staff.  Click the outward arrows to the right of the video timeline to view in full-screen mode.

Current List

  • Understanding and Maximizing Economizer Performance
  • Industrial Ethernet Network Security—Can your HVAC Controls be Hacked?
  • International Global Harmonization System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling Chemicals
  • Making Technology Work for You
  • Managing Motor-Driven Systems
  • Key Facilities Solutions in the Great Recession
  • The Dollars and Sense of Energy Efficiency

  • Understanding and Maximizing Economizer Performance

    Neil Bavins, Building Operator Certification Fellow

    Synopsis: Often overlooked, economizers are a key component in HVAC performance in a majority of commercial buildings. This fast paced webinar will arm you with the what and why of economizer performance, and the how to maximize economizer energy savings operations, all in less time than it will take to finish your lunch.


    Industrial Ethernet Network Security—Can your HVAC Controls be Hacked?

    Kevin Speed, Phoenix Contact

    Synopsis:In today’s highly connected world, office and industrial networks are more interconnected than ever before. Control networks are now exposed to many of the same security vulnerabilities that have historically plagued enterprise networks. This presentation will briefly highlight technical recommendations to better secure control system infrastructure while improving network reliability and allowing remote access and data exchange.


    International Global Harmonization System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling Chemicals

    Sue Brown, WSU Energy Program

    Synopsis: By June 1, 2014, employers must train all workers who are exposed to chemicals about the safety data sheet (SDS) format and new chemical labeling elements, according to Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) rules. (Note: OSHA’s requirement was for this training to be completed by December 1, 2013. We are required to meet the June 1, 2014 deadline in Washington.) The new regulations will particularly impact every segment of the cleaning industry, from manufacturers and distributors to end users of products.

    L&I offers free training and videos through their loaning library, and OSHA has training videos on YouTube: GHS Labeling Requirements and GHS Safety Data Sheets.


    Making Technology Work for You (2014: 22 min.)

    Jeremy Richmond, MacDonald-Miller Facilities Solutions

    Synopsis: Learn how to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory environment with new technologies that make your building run more efficiently and save you money.

    Please allow 15 seconds for the speaker to begin in the video.

    Managing Motor-Driven Systems (2012: 54 min.)

    Tony Simon, WSU Energy Program Energy Systems Engineer

    Synopsis: You’ve heard that variable speed drives (VSDs) save a lot of energy, but did you know that they won’t save energy in every case? Discover several aspects of how to optimize motor-driven systems through operations and maintenance and applying control strategies with VSDs. This discussion will address oversized equipment, part-load efficiency and managing motor-driven systems, as well as introduce MotorMaster+, a free tracking software program that is available online.

    Key Facilities Solutions in the Great Recession (2011: 58 min.)

    Webinar Agenda:

    • How to Use Your DDC Automation System to Compensate for Maintenance Staff Reductions: Eric Shimmin, ESCO Automation, representing Delta Controls
    • Funding Energy Efficiency Projects – Don't Let Dollars Fly Out the Window: Anthony Amendola, Amendola Enterprises, representing MacDonald-Miller Facilities Solutions
    • Performance Contracting: A Focus on Retro-Commissioning & Water Conservation Measures: Fritz Feiten, Ameresco Quantum 
    • Innovation in Communication & Emergency Alert Systems: Bill Wilkie, Olympic College (Bremerton, WA)


    The Dollars and Sense of Energy Efficiency (2010: 73 min.)

    Webinar Agenda:

    • Energy Efficient Operations in a Shrinking Budget: Perry England, MacDonald-Miller Facilities Solutions
    • Energy Resource Accounting: Karen Messmer, WSU Energy Program
    • Benchmarking the Energy Performance of Your Facility: Stan Price, Putnam Price Group, Inc.
    • LEED Existing Building Operations & Maintenance – A Roadmap for Greening Facilities: Todd McGuire, Glumac; Jessica Green, Brightworks