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Legislative Update

  • Climate at the Legislature
    Provides information about relevant bills in the Washington State Legislature. Click the Topics tab to see bills related to transportation, utilities, and buildings.

Clean Fleet and EV Media Sources

Previously on our News You Can Use page, we provided links to articles selected for their relevance to our GTP readers. But as the pace of EV and EVSE innovation accelerates, we felt our readers would be better served by providing links to organizations devoted to gathering, writing and delivering news for the EV community. We will regularly review and add to this list.

  • Advanced Clean Tech News
    Provides updates for the commercial transportation sector.
  • Alliance for Transportation Electrification
    Provides publications on topics including public health and air quality benefits of EVs; equity, underserved communities, and BIPOC; and infrastructure gap studies. New releases include Tools for Fleet Electrification, Energizing EV Charging Stations, and Managed Charging for EVs.
  • Atlas EV Hub
    Provides stakeholders from across the EV industry quick access to key data and information on the EV market, policies and regulations, and developments.
  • Clean Fleet Report
    Provides information to support the move to cars and trucks with the best fuel economy, including EVs, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and advanced diesels and advanced gasoline engines.
  • CleanTechnica
    Offers lots of EV coverage and commentary, and a broad range of clean tech news.
  • Electrek
    Provides extensive, positive coverage of electric transportation and sustainable energy.
  • Electric Vehicle Association blog
    Provides select news to support the organization’s goal of accelerating the adoption of EVs.
  • EV World
    Dives into sustainable transportation with a focus on people, policy, and products.
  • Green Car Congress
    Explores new engines, fuels, and energy supplies for all types of transportation. Provides links to highly targeted stories about energy, technologies, issues, and policies for sustainable mobility.
  • Green Car Reports
    Provides abundant resources on topics including charging, alt fuels and EVs, and an extensive section on virtual test drives.
  • Go Electric Drive
    Links readers to news, charging equipment providers and apps, incentive resources, and an EV showroom to help accelerate the transition to EVs
  • Inside EVs
    Provides news and analysis of the EV industry and markets.
  • NGT News
    Select stories about topics of interest, such as refueling, medium duty, and funding and incentives.
  • Puget Sound Regional Electric Vehicle Collaborative
    Provides resources for planners and decision makers to prepare for ubiquitous EVs.


These organizations provide opportunities to meet others in the EV space as well as educational opportunities and resources.

Procurement Resources

  • Sourcewell
    Offers cooperative EV purchasing assistance for all government entities; public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities; and nonprofits using a streamlined solicitation/procurement process. Sourcewell recently announced new contracts they’ve negotiated for EV charging stations/equipment, listed here.
  • Climate Mayors
    Works closely with Sourcewell to offer a comprehensive approach to economical EV and charging infrastructure procurement for government, education, or nonprofit organizations. At the heart of the Climate Mayors’ approach is Sourcewell’s solicitation/procurement process.


EV Registrations in Washington

  • WA EVs by County
  • WA Top 10 EV Models
    Shows the battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles currently registered through Washington State Department of Licensing.

Washington Tracking Network

  • Mapping Tools
    The WA Dept. of Health developed this suite of tools so users can rank the risks communities face from environmental burdens such as fossil fuel pollution. These tools are an outcome of the Clean Energy Transformation Act, which commits Washington to an electricity supply free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.


We have gathered some of the best guides and tools available to help you evaluate and plan your switch to electric vehicles.

State Energy Strategy
The WA Dept. of Commerce publishes this strategy as a blueprint for how Washington can nearly eliminate the use of fossil fuels while continuing to maintain and grow a prosperous economy by 2050.
EV Batteries: Getting Better All the Time
Modern EVs came on the market in the U.S. in 2010. Since then, EV batteries have vastly improved and lithium-ion battery technology is now standard. While concerns about battery cost, safety, range, longevity and environmental impacts have largely been resolved, we address lingering concerns in this factsheet.
The 2035 Report 2.0
With the right policy, it is technically and economically feasible for all new car and truck sales to be electric by 2035, saving lives, cutting transportation costs, and creating millions of jobs. The report authors model the total cost of ownership for gasoline and electric vehicles, finding that electric trucks are already cheaper to own than diesel versions on a total cost-per-mile basis, and electric cars will be cheaper than gasoline equivalents within the next five years.
The ZEV Community brings together all levels of governments to share and learn about zero emission vehicle initiatives around the world. Their new paper, Key Policies to Drive the Electric Vehicle Transition in the US, outlines key policy areas that will be critical to advancing the transition to zero-emission transportation in the U.S.
Welcome to the EVolution
Western Washington Clean Cities published an excellent guide with helpful consumer information.
Renewable Diesel
Western Washington Clean Cities tracked the production and use of renewable diesel in Washington and published this helpful fact sheet for fleets.


Toolkits and Apps

State Efficiency and Environmental Performance works with state agency partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate toxic materials from state agency operations.
The Zero Tool was developed for building professionals to establish energy reduction baselines and targets, compare a building’s energy performance with similar buildings and to codes, and understand how buildings achieve their energy performance rating.
Find lots of the basics about EVs and EV supply equipment (EVSE) from the Dept. of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center.
PlugStar, a service of Plug-In America, provides consumer support including an online shopping assistant, vehicle specs, incentives info, charging data, and dealer information.
The Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI) tool is an interactive online resource for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle choices that shows what is commercially available in your region and what is coming in the next few years.
For total cost of ownership analysis, the Fleet Procurement Analysis Tool charts the financial viability and environmental impact of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle fleet procurements. The Excel-based tool evaluates different ownership structures, vehicle types, and procurement scenarios, comparing options by cost-per-mile, cash flows, and location-specific lifecycle emissions.
From now through 2027, Electrify America will invest $2 billion in zero-emission infrastructure, access, and education in the U.S. Now in their second investment cycle, EA will create plans for two additional cycles of infrastructure build outs. 
The Electrification Coalition EV Policy Showroom is a collection of tools and resources for policymakers, EV advocates, industry partners and other stakeholders seeking to advance policy to accelerate the deployment and adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure. These tools are:
  • State EV Policy Dashboard - Searchable database of state policies pertaining to transportation electrification and EV fees.
  • EV Roadmap Roundup - Includes EV and EVSE incentive programs, utility rate structures, consumer education, and equity considerations.
  • EV Funding and Finance Guide - Identifies funding and financing options to accelerate transportation electrification.
  • EV Tools & Calculators Clearinghouse - Compiles tools and calculators to quantify the impacts of electrification efforts.
  • AchiEVe Toolkit - Provides model EV policies at state, local, and utility levels to help accelerate the switch to EVs in an effective and equitable way.
  • Freight Electrification Report - Addresses advantages of electric trucks over their diesel counterparts.
  • ZEV State Scorecard - Ranks key ZEV policies being implemented in various states.