In the Driver’s Seat

The Green Transportation Program presents insights from the front seat, starting with this list of virtual ride & drive videos and related resources.

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Global Environmental Products

Get a close-up look at the first and only Class 7 heavy-duty street sweeper that is 100 percent electric drive and rechargeable.
M4 Electric Walk-Around Video, May 2021 (19:26 min)

Light-duty vehicles

Driving on Sunshine

Electrify The South and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy present an extensive library of virtual EV ride & drive videos and Clean Car Chats as part of their Driving on Sunshine program. Here is a sample:

Electric Vehicle Society

Electric Vehicle Society is a platform where Canadian EV owners showcase their own vehicles and also hosts EV Society webinars that cover topics including EV policy, condo charging, and the effects of charging habits on battery health. Here are some short virtual ride-alongs with members of various Electric Vehicle Society chapters in Canada:

First Drive Reviews

In First Drive Reviews, Green Car Reports offers driver’s seat insights about EVs that are entering the marketplace. Here’s a fun one to kick off the new year: 2022 Kia EV6 electric car is a hoot, and it hits reset for the brand—and the article includes 64 photos. First drive offers reviews of many other EVs, including 2022 Rivian R1T shines as the North Star of Utility Vehicles.

Fully Charged Show

The Fully Charged Show produces videos about all things EV. Here are links to three recent test drive videos.


The consumer company AutoTrader offers a separate Hybrid and Electric section of their video offerings. Here are a couple:


New Zealand’s electricity producer Ecotricity, which offers affordable 100 percent carbon zero certified renewable energy, produces weekly videos to discuss what is new in the EV marketplace. Here are just two of the latest videos in the Ecotricity library:

Plug In America

Plug In America offers video series including virtual EV test drives, policy perspectives, and Ask the EV Experts.

Project Future

Project Future with Zack Tripp provides videos that focus on Tesla vehicles.

Puget Sound Energy

Take a virtual EV test drive - Kia Niro EV, Nov. 2020 (2:20 mins).
Test drive in Washington presented by Puget Sound Energy.

Volter Media

Volter Media produces videos that discuss exciting news in the EV industry. Many more videos are available on their website. Here is a sample of the most recent:

  • Hyundai Ioniq 5: Best features of the best 2022 electric car, Mar. 2021 (11:36 mins).
    Ioniq 5 marks the debut of all new, all EV sub-brand that will introduce 23 BEVs by 2025.

  • EV Announcements at CES 2021, Jan. 2021 (9:01 mins).
    Manufacturers including Sony, Mercedes, BMW, GM, Cadillac, and GMC Hummer reveal features that will be available in upcoming vehicle models. Includes a look at GM’s autonomous ride-sharing pod that can read passengers’ vital signs.
  • 5 Awesome Solar Powered Cars - Can Buy in 2020/22, Jan. 2020 (8 mins).
    Conditions have to be just right for solar cells to create enough electricity for vehicle use but promising models are on the horizon, including Toyota Prius PHV, Lightyear One, Sion by Sono Motors with a bidirectional charge so that it can share power with other EVs or common electronic devices, Hyundai Sonata hybrid, and Tesla cyber truck.

Other online resources include: