Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Feb. 2014, by Dave Demma.

The first two articles in the series discussed the importance of having an R-22 refrigerant replacement strategy, help in choosing a replacement, and the process of implementing the conversion. 

This 3rd and final article in the series discusses how "a detailed plan can be assembled to ensure the conversion is completed in a minimum amount of time, and the result is a system that operates efficiently and trouble free."

Links to Part 1 and 2:
Part 1 - Oct. 2013 - http://www.hpacmag.com/news/for-better-or-for-worse-r-22-rip/1002665122/?&er=NA

Part 2 - Dec. 2013 - http://www.hpacmag.com/news/demma-r22-refrigerant-conversion/1002789061/