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Low Income Community Solar
Precertification Application

Required Documents

Please email the required documents to prior to filling out and submitting this application.

  1. Project Prospectus (Describe how the project will deliver continuing direct benefits to low-income subscribers.)
  2. Utility Interconnection Agreement or equivalent
  3. Site Plan
  4. One-line Diagram


System Owner / Operator (if different from Administrator)

System Location Information

Preliminary Solar Project Information

Estimated Incentives

Preliminary Project Participant Information

  • One low-income service provider, or,
  • two or more low-income subscribers

Subscriber 1

Subscriber 2


All information submitted in this application is subject to public disclosure. In addition, all energy performance and incentive payment information associated with this system (as collected by the Washington State University Energy Program) is subject to public disclosure.

By agreeing below, I, the Solar Project Administrator,

  • certify that the information provided in this Application is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief under penalty of perjury.
  • understand that Subscriber information must be provided before certification, and that Subscriber(s) must meet applicable eligibility requirements
  • authorize Washington State University Energy Program to contact the Technical Contact and/or System owner and the utility regarding precertification of this system (as needed).
  • authorize the serving utility to release information regarding this application.
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