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Energy Newsbriefs

Articles for September 16, 2013

ENERGY NEWSBRIEFS is a weekly current awareness service provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library and written by Angela Santamaria, WSU Energy Library Manager, to assist users in tracking developments in the energy field. To view past issues or to subscribe to receive an email notification of the publication of a new issue, go to the Energy Newsbriefs home.

Please be aware that although every URL is checked for accuracy prior to the publication of Energy Newsbriefs, URLs are, for various reasons, subject to change. Further, servers sometimes fail to connect to working URLs.


Smart Plug-Load Control Offers Safety, Convenience, Efficiency” was written by Steve Montgomery, PE, CEO, 2D2C Inc. It is a discussion of the importance of plug-load control and how effective energy management can be achieved via RFID tagging.


A Baker’s Dozen Energy Saving Ideas” is a two-part article by Alan R. Mulak, PE and William A. Turner, MS, PE and published in Shop Talk:

  1. Part One of Two (scroll to page 4) appeared in the Winter/Spring 2013 issue. It offers tips on lighting, occupancy sensors, electric motors, and more.
  2. Part Two of Two (also, scroll to page 4) was carried in the Fall 2013 issue. It includes suggestions about building operators training, CMMS, air filters, energy-efficient equipment, and assessments, among others.


Strategic Energy Management Today Creates Brighter Energy Environment Tomorrow” was written by Mary Burgoon, Market Development Manager, Rockwell Automation; it was published in the August 2013 issue of NEMA electroindustry: This is a call to manufacturing leaders to change their commonly-held view of water, air, gas, electric, and steam (WAGES) from simply costs of doing business to opportunities for positively and seriously influencing the bottom line of a business.


If This Is the End for Utility-Scale, It’s Quite a Finale,” by Nora Caley, appeared in the August 2013 issue of Solar Industry. It follows some of the twists and turns of this topic and may be of interest to policy advisors. There are those who are predicting the end of utility-scale. They see the many projects announced but undelivered and the lack of interest in new agreements with power providers of states that are nearing their renewables requirements. On the other hand, under-construction projects abound, so the end may not be quite at hand.


The following two technical articles were published in the August 2013 issue of Solar Industry:

  1. Handle with Care: Improving Glass Processing during PV Lamination” was written by Michael Puttré, Editor of Solar Industry. It explains the problems with glass breakage that manufacturers of solar cells face and describes some of the innovative ways these manufacturers are reducing breakage.
  2. Residential-Scale Inverters Keep Carrying Their Weight ... and Then Some” was authored by Bates Marshall, Vice President for the Medium Power Solutions Group at SMA America. In the area of smart inverters, brand new technologies as well as technologies new to the U.S. are discussed in terms of the changes they will bring.


"Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips" is a Web page from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office of the U.S. Department of Energy. The site is now offering many tips for energy savings for the cooler months.

Unlocking the Value of an Energy Efficient Home: A Blueprint to Make Energy Efficiency Improvements Visible in the Real Estate Market” is an August 2013, 38-page guide from Chicago-based CNT Energy and the National Home Performance Council. Seven steps beginning with standardized evaluations of home efficiencies are described. The document includes an Executive Summary on pages 4-5.


The following three articles were carried in the August 2013 issue of Wind Systems; the first two are concerned with obstruction lighting and the FAA, the third with blades:

  1. Find the Right Light” was written by John Peck, Ph.D., Engineer for LED Obstruction Lighting at Dialight Corporation. It is a primer on LED obstruction lighting for wind turbines. It, also, identifies some of the upcoming challenges to current lighting approaches as tower heights increase dramatically.
  2. Look to the Lights” was written by Andy Rudolph, Vice President for Engineering at International Tower Lighting, LLC. Here the emphasis is on obstruction lighting of entire farms of towers: visual and automatic monitoring, and reporting.
  3. Inspect and Maintain, Refurbish, or Re-blade?” was authored by Chris Wraith, Field Engineer with Complete Wind Corporation. According to the author, maintenance is, generally, not an issue because it is not done during the warranty period, and, after that time, the blades have gone beyond the point of responding to maintenance. So the article covers the question of how to combine the refurbishing of some blades and the replacing of others in a sensible way.

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