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Energy Newsbriefs

Articles for September 09, 2013

ENERGY NEWSBRIEFS is a weekly current awareness service provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library and written by Angela Santamaria, WSU Energy Library Manager, to assist users in tracking developments in the energy field. To view past issues or to subscribe to receive an email notification of the publication of a new issue, go to the Energy Newsbriefs home.

Please be aware that although every URL is checked for accuracy prior to the publication of Energy Newsbriefs, URLs are, for various reasons, subject to change. Further, servers sometimes fail to connect to working URLs.


"5 Ways to Maximize Savings," by Janelle Penny, Associate Editor of Buildings, appeared in the August 2013 issue of that journal. Space management software is employed to assist in several areas including energy conservation.

New Solutions for Old Problems,” by Matt M. Casey, is a four-Web-page article in the July/August issue of Distributed Energy. Much can be done to make existing buildings, even quite old ones, more energy efficient and less damaging to the environment. The author suggests taking advantage of new technologies that, even in the short run, can save money.


High-Capacity Onsite Power Systems,” by Lori Lovely, is a four-Web-page article in the July/August issue of Distributed Energy. It discusses the difficulties to expect to encounter when trying to establish such systems. The author focuses on three: financing, installation, and selection.


The following two articles appeared in the August 2013 issue of Pumps & Systems:

  1. Eccentric Disc Technology Evolves to Improve Efficiency, Reliability & Durability,” is a two-Web-page article by Paul Cardon, Mouvex Industrial Products manager with Pump Solutions Group (PSG). It is an interesting history of the changes in fluid transfer when, in 1906, French engineer Andre Petit invented eccentric disc technology to replace and greatly improve upon both internal gear pumps and lobe pumps.
  2. Seal Support Systems,” by Jason Ferris, highlights the open- and closed-loop water systems and the pump systems that represent excellent opportunities for energy and resource savings. The author offers information about a calculator tool, an ISO standard, an API piping plan, and alternative sealing systems, all of which can help to raise efficiencies.


The following four articles were published in the August/September 2013 issue of SolarPro; the first covers market- and business-related issues, the rest discuss technical matters:

  1. "2013 String Inverters – Developments and Specifications" was authored by Joe Schwartz, Editor, SolarPro. Many different string inverters are available from various manufacturers. This article may help integraters find the right one for a specific application.
  2. "Determining Optimal PV System Monitoring Granularity" was jointly written by Casey Miller and Todd Miklos, both of Envect. It is made clear how important it is to select the appropriate monitoring systems early on in any project design. These systems are described to help the decision maker in selecting the most appropriate one.
  3. "Distributed Inverter Design," by Rob Erlichman, Sunlight Electric, is a discussion covering inverter designs for large commercial projects, running from 100 kW to 1 MW.
  4. "Grounding Compendium for PV Systems" was co-authored by Rebekah Hren of O2 Energies and Brian Mehalic of Solar Energy International. This article is meant to fill a gap in understanding the topic of PV-system grounding. The gap is due to several things including the use of dissimilar metals in various parts of the system, the large areas covered by the systems, the differing systems to which the PV system must connect, and so on. The authors address the part of the gap that is due to differing standards that do not explain how they can be "harmonized" to meet the grounding requirements of all.


"Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips" is a Web page from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office of the U.S. Department of Energy. The site is now offering many tips for energy savings for the cooler months.


Water & Energy: A Crucial Conversation,” by Dan Rafter, is a five-Web-page article in the July/August issue of Distributed Energy. It discusses the challenges faced by water utilities to cut costs by reducing energy consumption. While pumping accounts for most of their energy use, technological improvements have made new pumps much more efficient.

Past issues of Energy Newsbriefs are available here. Generally, subscription information for the journals cited above can be found at the home page of their web sites. © 2013 Washington State University Extension Energy Program. This publication contains material written and produced for public distribution.