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Energy Newsbriefs

Articles for December 02, 2013

ENERGY NEWSBRIEFS is a weekly current awareness service provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library and written by Angela Santamaria, WSU Energy Library Manager, to assist users in tracking developments in the energy field. To view past issues or to subscribe to receive an email notification of the publication of a new issue, go to the Energy Newsbriefs home.

Please be aware that although every URL is checked for accuracy prior to the publication of Energy Newsbriefs, URLs are, for various reasons, subject to change. Further, servers sometimes fail to connect to working URLs.


The following two articles appeared in the October 2013 issue of BioCycle:

  1. "Anaerobic Digestion of Compostable Bags” was jointly written by Christian Garaffa, Novamont S.p.A., and Klaus Gröll, IGLux s.à r.l. The authors describe, in depth, an anaerobic digestion plant in Luxemburg that treats food waste and yard waste, along with the compostable plastic bags that store them.
  2. "Small-Scale Biosolids Composting,” by Nora Goldstein, Editor, BioCycle, describes the successful effort of the city of Cambridge, Ohio, which developed a composting plant out of its own drying beds to process biosolids and green waste.


The following three October 2013 fact sheets are reports of research projects and are associated with the “Building America Case Study: Efficient Solutions for New and Existing Homes” from the Building Technologies Office (BTO) at the U.S. Department of Energy:

  1. In "Exterior Rigid Foam Insulation at the Edge of a Slab Foundation, Fresno, California,” by Mike Gestwick, researchers assessed the performance of a test house and report their findings.
  2. "Inverted Attic Bulkhead for HVAC Ductwork, Roseville, California” describes an occupied test house and reports and the performance and the occupant’s comfort after one year of monitoring temperatures, humidity, and energy consumption.
  3. "Moisture Durability of Vapor Permeable Insulating Sheathing,” by staff, reports on the effects of using certain exterior insulation on retrofit walls with vapor permeable cavity insulation.


The November 2013 issue of Public Power Magazine records Jeanne LaBella’s interview with Mark Gabriel of the Western Area Power Administration. Subjects addressed include preference customers (their needs, their relations with Western), open access transmission customers, the JOT recommendations, the four Western websites (why not just one?), and more.


An Era of Enlightenment,” by Robert G. Davis, was published in the September-October 2013 issue of Architectural Lighting. It reports on the research conducted over the years on “human factors” which include such things as needs that change as people age. Additionally, and especially, it discusses the cognitive maps that people construct to understand new environments.


The following two articles were carried in the October 2013 issue of Maintenance Technology:

  1. "Compressed Air Challenge: Dry Compressed Air Efficiently” was written by Ron Marshall, for the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) of the U.S. Department of Energy. The need for compressed air to be dried before it reaches sensitive equipment is explained. Then the author reviews the different ways efficient drying may be accomplished.
  2. "The Reliability Files: Protect Your Gearbox with the Right Lubricant,” by staff, is an excellent discussion of gearboxes showing how they have developed into smaller but more effective power transmitters that require lubricants that offer better protection than was needed in the past.


"Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips" is a Web page from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Office of the U.S. Department of Energy. The site is now offering many tips for energy savings for the cooler months.


Tile Roof Applications: Roofing Systems and Array Mounting Approaches” was co-authored by Jeff Spies and Johan Alfsen, both of Quick Mount PV; it was published in the October/November 2013 issue of SolarPro. The authors provide excellent information on solar panel types, and mounting options for tile roofs.

Past issues of Energy Newsbriefs are available here. Generally, subscription information for the journals cited above can be found at the home page of their web sites. © 2013 Washington State University Extension Energy Program. This publication contains material written and produced for public distribution.