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Energy Newsbriefs

Articles for April 1, 2013

ENERGY NEWSBRIEFS is a weekly current awareness service provided by the WSU Extension Energy Program Library and written by Angela Santamaria, WSU Energy Library Manager, to assist users in tracking developments in the energy field. To view past issues or to subscribe to receive an email notification of the publication of a new issue, go to the Energy Newsbriefs home.

Please be aware that although every URL is checked for accuracy prior to the publication of Energy Newsbriefs, URLs are, for various reasons, subject to change. Further, servers sometimes fail to connect to working URLs.


"Ambri’s Better Battery" by Kevin Bullis, Senior Editor, Energy, MIT Technology Review, was published in the March-April 2013 issue of that journal. A new type of battery has been developed at an MIT lab. It is a large, stationary, liquid-metal battery that was designed for grid storage of (intermittent) wind and solar power.


"Geothermal Systems for Commercial Facilities," by Christopher Qualls, PE and CEM, of Smith Seckman Reid Inc.; it was published in the February 2013 issue of HPAC Heating/Piping/AirConditioning Engineering. The author explains the basics of geothermal technology and discusses many commercial applications.

The following three articles were published in the January 2013 (Vol. 31, No. 4) issue of the Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin:

  1. "Concentrated Solar and Geothermal Hybrid Power Project" was jointly written by Guy Nelson, Utility Energy Forum, and by Garth Larsen, PacifiCorp. This is a discussion of potential hybrid projects (new geothermal with new solar), but it is noted that already operating geothermal systems, if enhanced, might be able to combine with concentrated solar systems.
  2. "Technical Assessment of the Combined Heat and Power Plant at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, Oregon" was co-authored by Tonya "Toni" Boyd, Geo-Heat Center, Oregon Institute of Technology, and by Ronald DiPippo. In addition to the assessment, this article includes some background information about geothermal use in Oregon and at the OIT specifically.
  3. "A Thermoelectric-Based Point of Use Power Generator for Steam Pipes" was co-authored by R. Dell et al., The Cooper Union, and by Magnus Thor Jonsson and Rúnar Unnþórsson, both of the University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland. This is a discussion of a newly-tested system that enables certain monitoring with DC power at geothermal plants too isolated from AC power which, when available, easily converts to DC.


"Let the Sunshine In" was authored by Tim Metcalfe, Director of Sustainable Technologies at Duo-Gard Industries Inc. The author offers excellent information for designers interested in daylight modeling.

The following two articles were published in the March 2013 issue of A∙L Architectural Lighting:

  1. "Peace Bridge, Calgary," by Deane Madsen, Assistant Editor, Design, A∙L Architectural Lighting, discusses the lighting solutions developed for the Santiago Calatrava bridge. They included linear fluorescents.
  2. "Sacramento International Airport Terminal B and Concourse Buildings" was written by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Contributing Editor, A∙L Architectural Lighting. It describes how, with east-, west-, and south-facing glass walls and with challenging winter-glare conditions, this facility achieved LEED-Silver certification.


"Apple Facilities Environmental Footprint Report, Fiscal 2012" is a 16-page publication documenting the effort of the company to power its facilities entirely with renewables, to reduce its carbon footprint with life-cycle assessments of emissions for all its products and services, to save water and other resources through conservation and recycling, and, at the same time, to attend to worker rights, health, and safety.


"Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys," by Daniel H. Herring, is "The Heat Treat Doctor" column for the February 2013 issue of Industrial Heating. The alloys are discussed in general, and, then, according to their two basic types and their responses to heat treatment.

Past issues of Energy Newsbriefs are available here. Generally, subscription information for the journals cited above can be found at the home page of their web sites. © 2013 Washington State University Extension Energy Program. This publication contains material written and produced for public distribution