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2010 Energy/Facilities Connections Conference

Innovative Approaches for a New Decade
Leavenworth, Washington
May 12-14, 2010

EFC Conference Proceedings

Day One: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Session 1: (Joint Session) Leadership in a New Decade, featuring Jake Fey, Director of WSU Extension Energy Program; Steve Reinmuth, Chief of Staff, Department of Transportation; Shawn King, Associate VP for Facilities & Planning, Eastern Washington University; Steve Sinclair, Superintendent of the Washington State Penintentary (DOC). No presentations.

Session 2:

  • (Leadership Track) Energy Efficienct Operations in a Shrinking Budget Environment, featuring Perry England and David Nieman, MacDonald-Miller; and Ray Congdon, CB Richard Ellis.
    Presentation available: PDF01-EnergyEfficientOperations...
  • (Technical Track) It's All About HVAC Systems and Saving Big Bucks!featuring Greg Jourdan, Wenatchee Valley College, and Dr. Mike Brambley, Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
    Presentation available: PDF01-ItsAllAboutHVAC...; PDF02-ItsAllAboutHVAC...

Lunchtime Keynote Speaker: Energy Approaches for the New Decade, featuring State Representative Hans Dunshee, 44th District (Lake Stevens/Marysville/Mill Creek/Snohomish). No presentation.

Session 3:

  • (Leadership Track) Innovative Thinking for Facility Managers, featuring Mike O'Connor, Quantum Engineering.
    Presentation available: PDF01-InnovativeThinking...
  • (Technical Track) Resource Accounting: Track, Measure and Prosper, featuring Karen Messmer and Karen Janowitz, WSU Extension Energy Program.
    Presentation available: PDF01-ResourceAccounting

Session 4:

  • (Leadership Track) How to Conduct an In-House Energy Assessment, featuring Ray Burton, McKinstry.
    Presentation available: PDF01-HowtoConduct...
  • (Technical Track) LEED EB Operations & Maintenance: A Roadmap for Greening Your Facilities, featuring Todd McGuire, Glumac; and Eric Baxter, Brightworks.
    Presentation available: PDF01-LEEDEB

Day Two: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning Keynote Speaker: Facilities and Energy Fusion--A Formula for Success, featuring Bob Cowan, Manager of Facilities Engineering, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
Presentation available: PDF01-FacilitiesandEnergyFusion...; PDF02-FacilitiesandEnergyFusion...

Session 5: (Joint Session) Innovative Utility Energy Approaches, featuring Bob Balzar, Seattle City Light; Tom Lienhard, Avista Corporation; Bob Stolarski, Puget Sound Energy; and Jim West, Snohomish County PUD.
Presentations available: PDF01-BobBalzar; PDF02-BobStolarski; PDF03-JimWest

Session 6:

  • (Leadership Track) Tapping the Power of Facility Information, featuring Terry Hoffmann and David Mosby, Johnson Controls, Inc.
    Presentation available: PDF01-TappingthePower...
  • (Technical Track) Benchmarking the Energy Performance of Your Facility, featuring Cynthia Putnam, BetterBricks.
    Presentation available: PDF01-Benchmarking...

Lunchtime Keynote Speaker: Making a Difference Today, While Making a Mark Tomorrow, featuring Stephen Ashkin, The Ashkin Group, LLC. Presentation not available.

Session 7:

  • (Leadership Track) IAQ Successes at Many Levels, featuring Rich Prill, WSU Extension Energy Program, and David Blake, Northwest Clean Air Agency.
    Presentation available: PDF01-IAQSuccesses...

Session 8:

Day Three: Friday, May 14, 2010

Session 9:

  • (Leadership Track) Planning Ahead--CMMS, Boon or Bane?, featuring Chuck Dollar, Honeywell; Bill Wilkie, Olympic College; and Bob MacKenzie, Plant Operations Support Consortium.
    Presentation available: PDF01-CMMS; PDF02-CMMS; PDF03-CMMS

Session 10:

Session 11:

  • (Leadership Track) Energy Star Advantages, featuring Bryan Visscher, Wenatchee School District; Donna Albert, General Administration Energy Team; and Andrew Williamson, McKinstry.
    Presentation available: PDF01-EnergyStar; PDF02-EnergyStar; PDF03-EnergyStar

Session 12 & 13:

  • (Leadership Track) Engrossed House Bill 2836--A $100 Million Investment, featuring Patricia Jactzak, Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction; Bill Cole, Department of Commerce; and Donna Albert, General Administration Energy Team. No presentations.


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