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Award Category: Leadership in Innovation

The Leadership in Innovation Award recognizes leadership by a Washington industry that has implemented a energy project/effort during the past three years utilizing a highly innovative technology. Examples include use of emerging technologies, use of existing technologies in a new way or a unique change to a process that saves significant amounts of energy.

To nominate a company:

Complete the following form and click Submit to indicate your intent to nominate a company. You will then be taken to a new page that you need to print and mail in with your completed nomination packet. See below for items to include in your nomination packet.

  • Only Submittals featuring projects or efforts undertaken by a single plant will be considered for an award: multiple plants as one application are not eligible.
  • If your project appears to qualify in more than one category, it is recommended that you submit an application in both categories. The selection committee will determine the best fit for the application.
Deadline for packet submission: November 17, 2014



Nomination packet should include:

√ A printed copy of this page.
√ Include a brief (1-2 paragraphs) synopsis of your application for use in marketing/outreach efforts (do not include proprietary information in your synopsis).
√ Answers to the following questions (up to three pages total):

  1. Describe the project.
  2. What makes the project innovative for your company? How does the innovation compare to the “normal” way of doing business for your company (and/or other companies)? Is the innovation standard industry practice?
  3. How did the project impact the process or business for the better?
  4. Did you face challenges when developing this project? How did you overcome them?
  5. Were there measured or anticipated (electric and/or thermal) energy savings? Describe (kWh, BTUs/therms)?
  6. What other cost savings have accrued or are anticipated?
  7. What other benefits beyond cost have accrued or are anticipated?
  8. What are your plans for ensuring the sustainability of the innovation? Or is the innovation a one-off event/measure/etc.?


  • Make sure to provide ample details in your application, including technical details. Tell the story of why you should win an award.
  • Energy savings are fuel neutral. If applicable, provide data for both electric and thermal savings.
  • Make sure your application clearly separates qualitative from quantitative data.

√ Optional – Up to 10 additional pages of supporting documentation may be submitted to help the reviewers better understand the project.

Deadline for packet submission: November 17, 2014

Send your nomination packet to:
Electronic submissions are preferred in order to reduce the impact on the environment.
Washington Industrial Energy Leaders Award
WSU Energy Program
PO Box 43165
Olympia, WA 98504-3165


For more information:
Contact us with any questions regarding this award program or industrial energy efficiency activity in Washington.

Applicants will be notified of their nomination status in mid December. On behalf of our program partners and sponsors, thank you for your commitment to improving industrial energy efficiency in our state!

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